Reconceptualising pain according to current pain research and science

With citations of well over 300 scientific peer-review articles, Neuroscientific painmodulation represents a much needed update to the governing theories, narratives, philosophies and world-view that there are in pain management. Neuroscientific painmodulation is a innovative two-day course focusing on pain research and pain modulation.


Neuroscientific knowledge

Learn to convey and explain the latest neuroscience knowledge about pain to patients. Through the use of images and metaphors in an easy and understandable way, reducing the risk pain catastrophizing, pain related fear and also decreasing disability

Multifactorial painmodulation

Get a thorough and in-depth review of the many different factors which modulates pain, as a strong and fundamental starting point for an updated and current approach to the treatment of pain

An in-depth understanding

Learn an updated approach to the treatment of pain that you can immediately apply in your clinical practice, that reinforces and enhances the approach you already use, and use communication as a powerful tool between you and the patient

There is nothing called a pain “nerve”, pain fibre, or pain signal

There are however noxious stimulus, nociceptors, nociception, and nociceptive neurons. Nociceptors are specialized peripheral sensory neurons that alert us to potentially damaging stimuli by detecting extremes in temperature, pressure or injury-related chemicals. Nociception, however, a potent modulator of pain, but not the only one. It is vital that we as clinicians and professionals do fall […]

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