13 more pain quotes from Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD


Since my first entry in the “The Pain Expert series” these short article have collectively been shared well over 180 times on social media, by leading experts in this field, like:

Dr. Jonathan Fass, Dr. Silvernail, Dr. Craig Liebenson, New Zealand Pain Society, WCPT PTPN, Adam Meakins (The Sports Physio), Diane Jacobs, Dr. Bronnie Lennox Thompson, Human Anti Gravity Suit, Neuroscience and Pain Science for Manual Physical Therapists, Manuellterapeut Sigurd Mikkelsen, SomaSimple: The So Simple Body, Jason Erickson and Pain Science Division CPA.

With the series, I found out that a short article (in the form of quotes), from some of the leading practitioners and pain researchers, is much easier introduction to pain science, to most people. Than the alternative to start reading a textbook or start to read scientific research.

The series started with my short article on the research from Dr. Lorimer Moseley, called 50 Shades of Pain. Dr. Lorimer Moseley is a clinical scientist investigating pain in humans. He is also professor of Clinical Neurosciences and is the Chair in Physiotherapy, The Sansom Institute for Health Research at the University of South Australia.

Recently Prof. Moseley was lecturing at IFOMPT (The International Federation of Orthopaedic Manipulative Physical Therapists). IFOMPT hosts a prestigious international conference held every 4 years to celebrate innovation and research within neuromusculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Without further ado, here are 13 quotes from Dr. Lorimer Moseley’s lecture at IFOMPT:

“Our body is not a machine. It is a garden. We’re a single organism.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“You can not have pain without knowing it. Pain is produced into consciousness.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“If we believe we’re in danger, the neuro-immune system upregulates a predictive response.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Non-nociceptive cues modulate pain through associative learning” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Pain comes into consciousness. The brain doesn’t produce pain, the human does.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Placebo is a “nonsense” term. Inerts things don’t have effects” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Glial cells critical in modulation of sensory processing” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Glial cells “remember” things-implications for ongoing pain states” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Pain is just one part of the protective suite.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Clinicians’ beliefs & expectations strongly influence pain outcomes” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Reassurance, explaining pain & explaining our treatments within a contemporary model of pain science are key” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Pain is modulated by ANY EVIDENCE that implies danger” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“How you feel about a limb is intimately related to its immune function and blood flow” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD

“Pain comes into consciousness. The brain doesn’t produce pain, the human does.” Dr. Lorimer Moseley, PhD


There is a great blog about Prof. Moseley’s lecture at IFOMPT here, and two short videos from IFOMPT can be found here and here.

Thanks to Dr. Kieran O’Sullivan, Steve Nawoor, Rob Tyer, Dr. Derek Griffin, Jack Chew and Sigurd Mikkelsen, and also special thanks for the photos to Sigurd Mikkelsen and Rob Tyer.