Neuroscientific Pain Mentorship Reconceptualised

The Pain Mentorship reconceptualized has been revamped and modified to self-directed and self-paced learning. The Mentorship program can be completed as a standalone, home-based learning program, thereby drastically increasing the possibility for health professionals to participate in the program. 

The Mentorship is a 25-week program representing an uncompromising and comprehensive inquiry into pain research, modulation, […]

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Acute/chronic pain is (often) misinterpreted

The terminology “acute/chronic” pain is often misinterpreted and is largely misunderstood by many laymen and some clinicians. The primary difference between acute and chronic pain is in the “relatively arbitrary time posts” (Apkarian et al.). In other words, the main difference is in the duration of the pain experience; it does not say anything concrete […]

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