office-594132_1920_FotorPain-mentor is a specialization in principle-based pain rehabilitation. The program’s focus is to provide you with increased expertise in pain management and to take benefit from the great gold mine of research and science-based knowledge about the pain that we have access to today.

The mentorship is an uncompromising and comprehensive inquiry into pain research, modulation, and rehabilitation. It represents a scientific and principle-based approach to treating diagnoses where the pain is the cardinal symptom, i.e., all diseases and musculoskeletal problems where the pain is the predominant patient complaint.

The pain-mentor program is geared towards health professionals who want to work from the current research and scientific knowledge base, as well as use an updated treatment strategy with their patients. The program is for health professionals who do not wish to pass on myths or debugged knowledge. The program, with its strong scientific base, represents a necessary update of the fundamental theories and elements of traditional physiotherapy and pain management. In the mentor program, there is a special focus on science-based practice, critical thinking, and clinical reasoning. Something that unfortunately is a major shortcoming in most health professionals’ education programs.

After ending the mentorship, the goal is to be specialized in modern pain research and principle-based pain rehabilitation. The mentees have learned the latest research and evidence in the field of pain management, relevant research, and the science of pain and treatment. This means that you as a patient can expect an updated and current treatment strategy if you are treated as a patient by a health professional who has undergone pain mentorship.

Due to the science-based foundation and focus of the mentorship, there is a lot of reading of scientific articles with subsequent advice and supervision upon the practical implications of the research. A mentorship is individually and customized to the mentee to ensure the greatest possible practicality and most effective study, however, the foundation and curriculum are the same.

An application for admission to the mentorship indicates that the mentee wants to base the treatment of patients on an updated and current treatment strategy, based on scientific-based knowledge. Once you have completed a Pain-mentorship, you receive a certificate of participation, as an indication of the great amount of work and the amount of scientific material you have reviewed.


A “Diploma of Participation” will be provided in recognition of attendance, to mentees who finish the mentorship and all the written assignments.