Podcasts, free lectures and interviews (with me as guest)

I have been a featured guest on multiple podcasts, recorded interviews, and Zoom talks in the last 4-5 years. I have also been a guest lecturer for Trust Me I’m a Physiotherapist, where I did two free online lectures that Trust Me ED now hosts. The list of podcasts and interviews is in chronological order, […]

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The Bastardization of Evidence-Based Practice

Most arguments against Evidence-Based Practice, if not all arguments, stem from misunderstandings and misrepresentations of what Evidence-Based Practice is. It seems popular to bastardize the Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) approach to healthcare while woefully ignoring that EBP is a giant leap forward compared with the alternative, even including the flaws within EBP. “Evidence based medicine is […]

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Is nociception necessary for pain?

There is an ongoing academic debate between researchers and clinicians about whether or not nociception is necessary for pain or if pain can exist without nociception. 

The problem is a lack of experimental research on the phenomenon, and some use this lack of evidence to argue that nociception is necessary for pain. However, positive and […]

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How to quickly assess if a CE-course is Up-To-Date

Sadly, more than half of Continuing Education (CE) in the Musculoskeletal field courses are not supported by research, and they often misrepresent the current state of evidence (Peterson et al.). 

Consequently, signing up for a new CE-course is a coin-flip; you may get what you pay for. However, you may also get served up a […]

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Pain Neuroscience Education is Dead – Long Live Pain Education!

A recent paper (1) critiques the use of Pain Neuroscience Education*. The article is now used to promote the notion that Pain Neuroscience Education (PNE) has no clinical value. The paper noted, “People with persistent pain tend to express negative attitudes to PNE statements.” 

However, there are several problems and methodological flaws in the study. […]

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Neuroscientific Pain Mentorship Reconceptualised

The Pain Mentorship reconceptualized has been revamped and modified to self-directed and self-paced learning. The Mentorship program can be completed as a standalone, home-based learning program, thereby drastically increasing the possibility for health professionals to participate in the program. 

The Mentorship is a 25-week program representing an uncompromising and comprehensive inquiry into pain research, modulation, […]

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The Fascia Fallacy

Most health professionals or skeptics do not deny or discount the existence of fascia. Still, critical professionals will deny the grandiose claims about interventions targeted towards fascia, with no bearing in reality or support by objective evidence of a specific effect of said targeted intervention. Using surrogate outcomes without measurable impact on objective outcome measures […]

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Neuroscientific painmodulation – Version 2.0!

During the last year, I have been working on updating, expanding, and modifying the Neuroscientific painmodulation course, with feedback from the numerous clinicians and therapists that have taken the course. One of the aims of the course has always been to help health professionals get a comprehensive perspective on pain and provide a thorough appraisal […]

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Courses and lectures for 2023

This is my speaking engagements, online lectures, and courses for the year. Prices may vary between courses dependent on the location, country, venue, and the included “extras” of the specific venue, like meals and coffee, etc. The course is on both days from 09.00 to 17.30, if not another time is specified. The course schedule […]

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Open-source slide-deck for clinical teachers

Quality educational material takes time to create, and I have likely spent hundreds of hours developing and optimizing the presentation slides and slide decks that I use in my lectures and courses. However, instead of those slides lying dormant and unused, I thought other teachers within the musculoskeletal field could benefit from my work. The […]

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