Open-source slide-deck for clinical teachers


Quality educational material takes time to create, and I have likely spent hundreds of hours developing and optimizing the presentation slides and slide decks that I use in my lectures and courses. However, instead of those slides lying dormant and unused, I thought other teachers within the musculoskeletal field could benefit from my work.

The goal is to better the future clinicians in the Musculoskeletal field; the slide deck is focused on clinical teachers in the Musculoskeletal area. The target for these presentation slides is students in the Musculoskeletal field, physiotherapy students, chiropractic students, occupational therapy students, and other health care professionals.

Hopefully, this will help make future generations of clinicians within the Musculoskeletal field better than the past generations. In my view, we are recycling way too many errors of the past generations. These are unfortunately passed down from “senior” generations of “elite” clinicians to new generations of clinicians.

We need to educate future generations of clinicians to be skeptical, inquisitive, and self-reflective clinicians. That recognises and acknowledges that trying to prove yourself wrong is an excellent learning strategy and a much better learning strategy than trying to prove you are right. 
We must accept that our ideas, interventions, and modalities are only as good as the critique they can withstand. As health professionals, therefore, we should welcome sound and logical critique and always strive to be less wrong!

The slide deck is not targeted at patient populations.


Below is the slide deck as downloadable files in PDF (161 MB), Mac Keynote  (1 GB), and Microsoft PowerPoint (205 MB).