Podcasts, lectures and interviews (with me as guest)

I have been a featured guest on multiple podcasts and recorded interviews and zoom talks, in the last 1-2 years. I have also been a guest lecturer for Trust Me I’m a Physiotherapist, where I did two free online lectures that Trust Me Ed, now hosts.

List of Podcasts, lectures, and interviews (with me as a featured guest):

Breathe Education podcast – First, learn to think critically. Then learn science

In this podcast CEO Raphael Bender from Breathe Education, interviews me about my experiences going back to school at the age of 39 to study physiotherapy, my advice on learning to think critically and how to challenge own beliefs, and how to develop your confidence in applying the biopsychosocial approach to pain rehabilitation. Thanks to Raphael for this opportunity.

The Clinical Gap Podcast – Translating Research to the Clinic and Questioning the Use of Manual Therapy

In this podcast, Zach Walston from “The Clinical Gap Podcast”, interviews me about critical thinking and translating research results to the clinic. We also talk about misinformation on social media, being accountable to the information we provide people and the state of manual therapy research. Thanks a lot to Zach for this opportunity.

The Knowledge Exchange Podcast – The Future of Pain Management and The Principles of Critical Thinking

In this podcast, Daniel Arbilla from The Knowledge Exchange Podcast interviews me about the future of pain management, my advice on how to incorporate critical thinking skills into clinical practice, and what to do about our own fallacies and biases. Thanks a lot to Daniel for this opportunity.

Fisioterapia Desportiva com Evidência – Stepping-up the Game: Lars Avemarie

In this video interview João Noura from “Stepping-up the Game”, interviews me about the myths in MSK and Sports Physiotherapy, the need for an Evidence-based approach, and critical thinking and it’s application in Physiotherapy. Thanks a lot to João for this opportunity.

FisioScience International – A Chat about Clinical Reasoning with Davide Lanfranco

In this recorded video interview, Davide Lanfranco from FisioScience International and me talk about critical thinking, critical reasoning, and cognitive biases. Thanks a lot to Davide for this opportunity.

KlugeRiese – Think therapy –  The Biopsychosocial Model in Theory and Reality (recorded Zoom talk)

In this recorded zoom debate, I talk about the use of the biopsychosocial model together with Phillip Thies, Pat Preilowski. The talk was brilliantly moderated by Daniel Reise.  The talk was hosted by KlugeRiese – think therapy and Science2practice. Thanks a lot to David Schmidt from Science2practice and Daniel Reise for this opportunity.

Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist – Modern Pain Science and The Placebo Effect

Here are two free science-based lectures that I did for Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist, they are now hosted by Trust Me ED. Thanks a lot to CEO Nils Oudhuis from Trust me, I’m a Physiotherapist and Trust Me ED for this opportunity.

San Diego Pain Summit – The Future of Pain Rehabilitation – Q&A session

Here are a short clip of the lecture and the full Q&A session from my presentation at San Diego Pain Summit 2020, regarding The Future of Pain Rehabilitation. Thanks a lot to CEO Rajam Roose for this opportunity.

Physiotutors Podcast – Pain science is not an intervention!

In this podcast, Sunny Sandhu from Physiotutors Podcast interviews me about how we can use our understanding to provide patients with ways they can better understand and manage their symptoms. We also talk about using the DIMs/SIMs model to fostering self-efficacy and take a brief dive into what using an EBP approach actually means. Thanks a lot to Sunny Sandhu for this opportunity.

Tyngre Rehab Podcast – Pain management and Physiotherapy

In this podcast, Erwin Lindén from Tyngre Rehab Podcast and me talk about physiotherapy, pain management, critical thinking, the scientific approach, and how this can improve our clinical work and the quality of our clinical reasoning. We also touch upon the use of a critical approach, errors in reasoning, and the physiotherapy of the future.  Thanks a lot to Erwin for this opportunity.